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"Venus in Libra" Candle, 6oz

"Venus in Libra" Candle, 6oz

This batch of candles was hand crafted before first light on October 4th with Venus in Libra on the Ascendant in a trine with the Moon in Aquarius. Venus is powerful in Libra, the sign she rules, she is free to be playful, charming, affectionate and artistic.


Venus is known for bringing people together, so light this candle when you seek love, joy and creative inspiration. It will warm up your home, fill the space with the scent of roses and help you express yourself in a charming and eloquent way. 


It might be especially helpful, if your natal Venus is in Aries, Virgo or Scorpio (the signs Venus struggles in) or if it is placed in one of the dark houses (6th, 8th or 12th) and you struggle with love and creativity.


The candles are made of soy, infused with a rose scent, have a light pink color and are decorated with a copper leaf, the metal associated with Venus. 


Created at 6:21 am, October 4th 2022 in New York, NY.


**The look of the candle you get may differ from those shown in the photos as these were handcrafted and each have unique appearance

  • Shipping information

    Packing peanuts used are made of starch. Please dissolve them in water upon the receipt of the package.

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