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"Saturn in Aquarius" Bundle

"Saturn in Aquarius" Bundle

"Saturn in Aquarius" candle and perfume oil combo.


Saturn is the planet of duties and hard work, delays and limitations. It rules over boundaries, those that stop us (like sickness, finances and aging) and those that protect us (like roofs over our heads, routines and laws). At its worst Saturn can bring depression, disappointment and loss. At its best it brings rewards, recognition and mastery. Through the virtues of dedication, hard work and commitment Saturn molds and shapes us, our skills and our knowledge, helping us take charge of ourselves and our destiny.

To capture the most constructive and supportive version of Saturn I chose an election with Saturn conjunct the benevolent Venus. It is placed in the 10th house of career, status and reputation, while the Moon is waxing and is co-present with Jupiter in Aries.

Saturn is still Saturn. He will be strict. He will be heavy. He will call you to work hard and to stay patient, but Venus mellows him out a bit. So, you can pair these items or alternate them with items from my other series, like Venus in Libra, Venus Cazimi and Jupiter in Pisces, for the best results.

General recommendations: use the items to create more structure, discipline and order in your life, to improve concentration, to set better boundaries, to deepen your knowledge and understanding of the subject of your studies, to get recognition for your work, to process loss, to honor your ancestors, to improve your relationships with elders and authority figures or to establish your authority.

Astrological recommendations: good for people with Saturn in the 2nd (financial restrictions), 6th (health struggles), 8th (issues related to debts, taxes, partner’s finances) and 12th (mental health struggles) natal houses, Saturn in Cancer, Leo and Aries, Saturn in a conjunction/square or opposition to the Sun or the Moon.


The candles are light grey, made of soy, infused with the scent of sweet tobacco and are decorated with three rough sapphire chips, the number and the stone associated with Saturn. 


Created at 12:12pm, January 26th 2023 in New York, NY.


**The look of the candle you get may differ from those shown in the photos as these were handcrafted and each have unique appearance

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