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"Moonlit Trinity" Candle, 6oz

"Moonlit Trinity" Candle, 6oz

Arguably my most powerful creation to date these candles were hand crafted at 2:18 in the morning on the night of the exalted Moon in Taurus conjoining Venus in the sign of her rulership in the 5th house of romance, creativity, sex, pleasure and children. Venus rejoices in this house and joined by the powerful Moon she is capable of bringing love, inspiration and fertility into your life. Completing the powerful trinity is the Sun exalted in Aries in the 4th house. It offers the support and comfort of a strong household, warm family and confidence in oneself. We only get two days each year, when the Sun and Moon hold their seats of exaltation at the same time and having Venus join them makes these creations even more rare and special.


General recommendations: can help bring love, inspiration and joy into your life, increase fertility, promote peace, accord and financial abundance.


Astrological recommendations: best for those with their Moon in Capricorn or Scorpio, Venus in Aries, Scorpio or Virgo, the Sun in Aquarius or Libra, as well as people born with their Sun, Moon or Venus in the 6th, 8th or 12th houses. I would especially recommend these for Capricorn, Scorpio, Taurus and Leo Risings.

The candles are pink, made of natural soy and infused with the scent of strawberries and cream. 


Created at 2:18am EST, March 24th 2023 in New York, NY.


**The look of the candle you get may differ from those shown in the photos as these were handcrafted and each have unique appearance

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