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"Mercury in Virgo" bundle

"Mercury in Virgo" bundle

Taking advantage of the exalted Mercury position I hand crafted this batch of candles and oils on October 6th. Mercury is placed on the Midheaven in the chart I elected offering the gifts of focus, clarity and precision in professional context. It can help with speech, writing, problem solving and time management. 


It might be especially helpful, if your natal Mercury is in Pisces or Sagittarius (the signs Mercury struggles in) or if it is placed in one of the dark houses (6th, 8th or 12th) and you struggle with focus, memory and communication.


Created at 11 am on October 6th 2022 in New York, NY.


**The look of the candle you get may differ from those shown in the photos as these were handcrafted and each have unique appearance

  • Shipping information

    Packing peanuts used are made of starch. Please dissolve them in water upon the receipt of the package.

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