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"Mercury Cazimi" Perfume Oil, 10ml

"Mercury Cazimi" Perfume Oil, 10ml

Expected to ship after June 28th.


This small batch was handcrafted on the day of the powerful Mercury Cazimi in Gemini. The planet of communication was empowered as it conjoined the Sun blessing all intellectual pursuits.

Apply the oil directly to your skin before an important conversation, a business meeting or a presentation. It can improve your memory, help problem-solve and bring ingenious ideas while writing and creating content. 

Especially helpful, if your natal Mercury is in Pisces or Sagittarius (the signs Mercury struggles in) or if it is placed in one of the dark houses (6th, 8th or 12th) and you struggle with focus, memory and communication.

The oils are a mix of coffee, sandalwood, frankincense, sweet orange and jojoba oils. Raw emerald chips have been added to help align them with Mercury. 

Created at 3:26 pm, June 14th 2024 in New York, NY.

  • Shipping information

    Packing peanuts used are made of starch. Please dissolve them in water upon the receipt of the package.

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