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"Jupiter in Taurus" Perfume Oil, 10ml

"Jupiter in Taurus" Perfume Oil, 10ml

In the hour of Jupiter on the day of Mercury, I handcrafted this small batch of Jupiter in Taurus oils. Jupiter was conjoining the exalted Moon in Taurus while placed in the 11th house connecting your desires with people in your network, bringing exciting opportunities and helping you reach your dreams. Apply this oil to your palms or wrists to find success and recognition, experience optimism and good luck and create spiritual and financial abundance.


Especially helpful, if your natal Jupiter is in Capricorn, Gemini or Virgo (the signs Jupiter struggles in), if it is placed in one of the dark houses (6th, 8th or 12th) or if you struggle with luck, optimism and success.

The oils are a blend of nutmeg, lavender, sweet orange, clary sage and jojoba oils. Citrine chips have been lovingly added to help align the oil with Jupiter.

Created at 9:18 am, May 8th 2024 in New York, NY.

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    Packing peanuts used are made of starch. Please dissolve them in water upon the receipt of the package.

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