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2024 Astrology Planner (Digital)

2024 Astrology Planner (Digital)

Your astrological guide to 2024, this planner will help you navigate the ups and downs of life with ease that only speaking the language of the stars can offer. Its 225 pages are filled with insights about transits, lunar guides, astrology cheat sheets, journaling pages, daily and monthly calendars, and so much more. It even includes best dates to help you choose the time to get married, start a business or ask for a raise.


Size 7 x 10, 225 pages


The 2024 Planner includes:

  • Space to fill in your chart
  • Astrology fundamentals to help you understand planets, signs, houses and aspects
  • Major astrological events: planetary ingresses, lunations, retrogrades
  • New and Full Moon, Eclipses journaling pages with prompts
  • Lunar guides for working with different Moon signs and phases
  • Journaling pages with prompts
  • Yearly calendar
  • Monthly overviews
  • Monthly calendars with major transits
  • Daily pages with transits, Lunar phases and signs, and space to write your to-do lists and help you stay organized
  • Void of Course Moons
  • Lucky days for taking action and making big decisions
  • Positive dates for romantic, social and creative pursuits
  • Challenging dates for romantic, social and creative pursuits
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